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The Find

Traveling with her family on the Amalfi Coast in Italy, Dena was determined to find the perfect sandal.  She scoured Capri, Sorrento, Amalfi and finally,  in Positano, found Nana's  charming cliffside boutique and fell in love with the most beautiful sandals she had ever seen.  The seeds for DPC sandals were planted then...









Dena + Wendy + Sue

It has been said that best friends are like family you choose for yourself.  In looking back at how our story begins the question becomes, "Did we choose one another or did life choose us?"  The answer lies somewhere in between. 

Settling in the same beautiful town to raise our families and deciding on the same schools for our children to grow, learn and shine are examples of life choosing us.  Choosing to surround ourselves with friends that make us feel good about ourselves while sharing common values, priorities, interest and tastes, is our foundation and the beginning of a bond that has grown stronger with each passing year. We clearly chose one another!

Starting a business together is a dream come true.  It’s hard to believe that since those preschool years, our first born children are now married, attending college, and driving; all while maintaining a friendship that seemingly never gets old.  


DPC Sandals is our concept inspired by a love of Italy, handcrafted workmanship,  glamour and timeless style.  

 Brilliant Swarovski crystals, fine Italian leather soles, handcrafted gold and silver settings, and luxurious leather straps are carefully combined for a unique custom design.